Accutech Wireless Sensor


Completamente integrati, alimentati a batteria. Accutech: strumentazione wireless rapida da implementare e integrare per la misurazione e il controllo dei dati in ambienti critici.


1- Simply stated, Accutech is a line of battery-powered wireless sensor networks; a family of measurement and control tools used wherever challenging telemetry applications are found, including stranded measurement points, hazardous locations and mobile equipment.

2- Characteristics
Low cost of:
Deployment: no wires, trenching or conduit required
Operations: limited maintenance required
Easy to install and use:
Fully integrated power, communications and instrumentation
Mounts on any structure, quick configuration from keypad
Zero maintenance: 3+ years of maintenance-free service (up to 10 years depending on data rates and battery options).
Most reliable, longest reach system on the market:
Superior range with 900MHz and 2.4GHz FHSS radios (over 3000FT, 1000M)
Superior resistance to interference and noise
Deterministic battery life and months of warning when battery needs replacement

A Toolset for Challenging Applications

Are these statements familiar?
We have processes at a distance that we could never afford to monitor because of cable, conduit, trenching, labor costs…
Regardless of cost, we need to deploy a reliable network quickly, often because emerging regulations say we have to…
We already have instruments in place but they are not connected to our telemetry systems or there are no channels available; and we don’t want to run more wires…
We want something that’s easy to deploy without comprehensive engineering…
When you’re faced with tough challenges, you need innovative solutions. Accutech offers:
Cost savings over traditional wired solutions, both initially and ongoing
Rapid-deploy networks without engineering
Easy-to-use with limited maintenance.

Accutech is well suited to remote Oil and Gas applications offering wireless communications, autonomous power and certification for use in hazardous environments. Applications include:

  • Wellhead monitoring and control (including pressure, plunger arrival and sales valve control)
  • Gas pipeline leak detection with acoustic monitors
  • Tank level measurement (with dual float liquid interface option)
  • Environmental monitoring (storm water, irrigation, reservoirs, ...)
  • Pressure measurement in any process, from 5psi to 10,000psi.
  • Securing remote sites with discreet input switches
  • Delivering 4-20mA signals from 3rd-party instruments
  • Water and Wastewater applications benefit from innovative Accutech technology, including:
  • Reservoir level monitoring
  • Municipal storm water monitoring
  • 4-20mA signals from 3rd-party instruments (level, pH, Disolved Oxygen, etc...)
  • Pressure monitoring in pump station / distribution systems
  • Level and pressure monitoring in storage tanks
  • Accutech products are used in a wide variety of applications and industries; essentially anywhere remote monitoring is required with autonomous networking and power.
  • Mining, Metals and Minerals:
  • Differential pressure in bag houses
  • Water pressure on sprayers
  • Flow measurement of liquids from leach piles
  • More...
  • Refining:
  • Level measurement in storage tanks
  • Relief valve monitoring (acoustic)
  • Pressure, DP and temperature on process lines
  • More...
  • Chemical Processing:
  • Pressure and temperature in cokers
  • Level monitoring in storage tanks
  • Relief valve monitoring (acoustic)
  • More...
  • Power:
  • Steam pressure monitoring
  • Steam trap monitoring (acoustic)
  • System temperature monitoring
  • Miscellaneous:
  • Cement production (Temperature measurement rotating kiln)
  • Pulp and Paper (Rotary lime kiln, pressure on steam lines, temperature, etc. )
  • Pharmaceutical (Temp and pressure re rotating dryers)
  • Equipment Manufacturing (Discrete and analog inputs, hydraulic pressure, temp…)