Trio Radios


Trio Radio Licenziate e non Licenziate - ethernet e seriali

Gamma di radio Ethernet e Seriali progettate per fornire soluzioni complete, versatili e affidabili per sistemi dati wireless a lungo raggio in un'ampia gamma di applicazioni SCADA e di telemetria.


Accessori Radio


Omnicon fornisce una soluzione radio completa, grazie ai numerosi accessori radio, quali antenne, cavi connettori, scaricatori di tensione per i fulmini ecc.

Di seguito un elenco degli accessori maggiormente utilizzati:

  • Antenne UHF
  • Antenne Yagi direzionali
  • Antenne Omnidirezionali
  • Antenne a pannello
  • Cavi coassiali base o low loss
  • Scaricatori di tensione per fulmini
  • Splitter per antenna (2 o 3 vie)
  • Duplexer
  • Connettori per radio e antenne di vario tipo

Common features include:
  • Configurable operational profiles: access point, remote, bridge, repeater
  • KwikStream™ high-speed single radio repeater mode
  • Dual antenna LinkXtend™ technology increases usable range
  • Repeater and Bridge units support locally connected user devices
  • ChannelShare™ collision avoidance for unsolicited remote transmissions allowing simultaneous polling and spontaneous reporting
  • SmartPath™ Technology for enhanced redundancy in network configuration
  • License-free operation in the 900MHz and 2.4GHz ISM frequency bands
  • Robust, frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum technology for superior interference immunity
  • 1Watt (+30dBm) maximum allowable transmitter power (500mW with 2.4GHz version)
  • High VSWR protection (900MHz version only)
  • Compatible with Trio TView+ Diagnostics for stand-alone network management
  • Spectrum Analyser and Channel Lockout facilities
  • 256-bit AES data encryption (export restrictions may apply)
  • Reliable operation in environmental extremes: -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F)
Wireless communication for industrial and utility assets
  • Versatile and Flexible Radio Network Design
  • Wide range of options
  • Flexible radio system design
  • Range of elements optimised for specific requirements
  • Greater range of solutions
  • Reliable and secure remote data communication
  • Dependable radio communications
  • Premium wireless data technology
  • Wide area long range coverage
  • Enhanced redundancy
  • Secure data delivery
  • Built-in security features
  • Built for harsh and contrasting environments
  • Reduced total cost of operating wireless radio network
  • Optimal performance
  • Unique features for enhanced radio channel management and access
  • Ease of deployment & configuration
  • Powerful network management
  • Easy maintenance
  • Integrated diagnostics in SCADA host
  • Remotely monitor & configure radio system
  • Oil and Gas
  • Well head monitoring & control, Gas Flow Computer applications, Artificial lift controller (RPC, ESP, Plunger),
  • Water Injection, Gas Lift, Block Valve control
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Pumping and Boosting applications: P1/P2/P3, Video surveillance - Treatment plants: T1/T2/T3/T4, Distribution
  • systems/Leak detection
  • Power
  • Substation automation, Distributed Automation, Smart Grid, Renewable Energy
  • Mining & Minerals (MMM): Exploration, Production
  • Petro-chemical: Production, Transportation
  • Building Automation & Security: Alarm Systems, Emergency Fire & Intrusion Monitoring
  • Public Information Message Displays: Public Transport, Traffic Management, Parking
  • Agriculture & Environment: Weather, Pollution, and Soil Monitoring